My Skills

Some of my skills are listed below:

Computer Technician

Website Developer

Creative Idea

About me

I have been involved in IT and computer systems for over 13 years. During this time, I have developed skills which are essential for this line of work.

In my current business CompuCare I am providing hardware, software, network skills and web design for home users and small businesses. Moreover, during the early months of this business, CompuCare has received very inspiring feedback from its customers. The website is Compucare.

I had this job in my previous business in Iran in which I provided the same skills. During that time, I greatly increased my knowledge and experience in the repair and maintenance of computer systems, including desktop and laptop computers.

User Experiances


Web Design




My Portfolio

Look at these

Admin Dashboard

PHP, Bootstrap, Ajax, Jquery, MySql

Another Web



HTML, Bootstrap, Jquery


PHP, Ajax, UiKit, Jquery, MySql

The Team

At moment there is only me. I would be more than happy to find someone who is passionate about web developing and hardworker to join my team.

Hossein Sinaei

Computer technician and web developer

Confident: I have belief in myself and my abilities.

Motivated: I am enthusiastic about my work.

Diligent: I work hard and pay attention to what I do.

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